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Sound Healing

Sound Healing in Pool

Sound healing takes on a transformative quality when combined with water. The body, immersed in water, becomes an ideal conductor for the vibrations from instruments like Tibetan singing bowls or gongs. In this unique environment, sound waves travel more effectively, creating a deeper, more intense healing experience. Water not only amplifies the sound vibrations but also adds a comforting, womb-like sensation to the therapy. This synergy of water and sound fosters a profound level of relaxation and emotional release, making sound healing in water a deeply immersive and holistic path to wellness.

Private Cenote

Private Cenote

Immersing in the serene waters of a cenote is a magical experience for both body and soul. These natural sinkholes, sacred to the ancient Maya, are gateways to tranquility and rejuvenation. As you float in the crystal-clear, mineral-rich waters, the Cenote's mystical ambiance envelops you, offering a profound sense of connection to the earth. This unique location offer a Cenote perfect for open your mind to the wisdom of nature. On the top of that a beautiful natural sanctuary that welcomes all who wish to find peace in a space blessed with magical surroundings. An experience to enjoy with your loved ones and reconnect with nature.



Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with our Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreat, a sacred space where ancient tradition meets transformative healing. During the Awaken retreat you will be guided through 2 powerful experiences of Ayahuasca, a plant medicine revered for its ability to unlock emotional blockages and provide deep spiritual insights. In the safety and comfort of the serene jungle setting, surrounded by the nurturing forces of nature, you will be supported by experienced facilitators every step of the way. The sacred ceremonies are conducted with the utmost respect for the traditional practices and with a focus on creating a respectful, introspective environment. Here, you will find the space to connect with your innermost self, release what no longer serves you, and emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose



Temazcal, an ancient healing ritual, offers a profound experience that nurtures both the soul and the body. Originating from the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, this traditional sweat lodge ceremony combines physical detoxification with spiritual purification. In the temazcal, participants are enveloped in herbal steam, which is believed to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. The intense heat and steam also stimulate circulation and can aid in muscle relaxation, offering physical benefits akin to a deep tissue massage. This physical cleansing process is more than just a detox; it's a symbolic shedding of emotional and spiritual burdens. The ritual is guided by a shaman or a healer, who leads participants through a series of prayers, chants, and meditations. This spiritual guidance helps individuals confront and release emotional blockages, fostering a sense of inner peace and emotional release. The temazcal experience is not just about physical rejuvenation; it's a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Emerging from the temazcal, participants often report a renewed sense of clarity and purpose. This ancient practice offers a holistic approach to wellness, harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit, and providing a sanctuary for deep emotional and spiritual healing.

What to expect

Awaken: A Spiritual Shift in Consciousness

Awaken is not just a retreat; it's a transformative journey to elevate your being. In nature's serenity, it offers a sanctuary for chakra alignment, emotional release, and plant medicine insights. Guided by experts, you'll voyage within, uncovering your extraordinary essence through mindfulness, nature, and connections. This retreat transcends the ordinary, inviting profound awakening and equipping you with tools for ongoing spiritual growth, wholeness, and inspiration to continue your journey at home. Awaken is your portal to a new self and universe perception.

Awaken: Hosted by Samaya & Sarah

Awaken: A Spiritual Shift in Consciousness, This is not just a retreat; it's a transformative journey designed to elevate your being to new heights. Nestled in the embrace of nature's serenity, Awaken offers a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of chakra alignment, the liberating power of emotional release, and the profound insights of plant medicine converge. Here, you will embark on a sacred voyage within, guided by expert facilitators who will support you in peeling back the layers of the mundane to reveal the extraordinary within you. Through a curated blend of mindfulness practices, nature immersions, and soulful connections, this retreat is an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embrace a profound spiritual awakening. Awaken is more than an escape; it's a portal to a new perception of self and the universe.

Professional Photoshoot

At our retreat, we are delighted to offer a special gift to our retreat leaders:

A professional photoshoot spanning a couple of hours. This session is designed to capture the magic and essence of the retreat experience, providing stunning visual content that both the leaders and we can use for promotion on social media. Our skilled photographer specializes in encapsulating the spirit of the retreat, highlighting moments of connection, tranquility, and the natural beauty of our surroundings. These photos not only serve as a beautiful reminder of the retreat experience but also as powerful tools for sharing and showcasing the unique atmosphere of our retreats. This collaborative effort helps in creating a visual narrative that truly reflects the soulful journey experienced by all.

Plant a Fruit tree ceremony

The Fruit Tree Planting Ceremony marks a magic finale to the journey at Lunita Jungle Retreat. Symbolizing personal growth and the group's collective energy, each guest plants a fruit tree, leaving behind a living piece of themselves. This act transcends a simple planting; it's a meaningful gesture of gratitude to the nurturing land, embedding their experiences and aspirations into the soil. These trees, destined to bear fruit in the future, become lasting symbols of the retreat's transformative magic and the connections forged. As guests depart, they carry the knowledge that their shared legacy will continue to grow and enrich Lunita, offering a piece of their journey to future visitors in a cycle of continuous growth and connection.

Let's Create magic together

Private property in the jungle

1-2 people per room

Private chef on staff

All amenities included

Flourish in this unique and nurturing environment. 

Embracing Ancient Wisdom

Profound spiritual Energy

Renewed sense of clarity and purpose.



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